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Time to Melt the Ice

As our preferred insurance provider, Brotherhood Mutual®, knows firsthand the havoc below freezing temps can have.

Freezing weather is a major cause of property claims, especially for churches because they are not occupied all throughout the week. Loss control specialists have seen the damage from when water freezes and expands in pipes, which leads to cracks and leaks.

They’ve also seen what happens when water freezes in sprinkler heads - they can break under the pressure, resulting in hundreds of gallons of water raining down from the ceiling, water logging sanctuaries, and education wings.

I encourage you to take time now to develop a freezing weather routine to help prevent as much damage as possible. This article, Melt the Ice: Freezing Weather Prep, from the Brotherhood Mutual Safety Library will help get you started.

You’ll learn what steps to take each time a freeze event is predicted for your area, as well as things to do when the weather is warm. Be sure to check out the additional resources at the bottom of the article for more in depth information.

Brotherhood Mutual Ministry Partner Program

As a member of the Brotherhood Mutual® Ministry Partner Program, we benefit from their desire to keep churches open and safe for worship and to help effectively manage risk.

Brotherhood Mutual resources and services are for all our members, regardless of who currently insures your ministry.

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