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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

While most think of health insurance as major medical coverage, we often forget that Dental and Vision coverages can be just as important to your overall health.

While the obvious benefits of dental and eye exams are better vision and oral health, routine dental and vision exams can also spot early warning signs of other potentially more severe health problems.


Regular eye exams can serve as an early detection tool for hypertension, glaucoma, liver disease, thyroid issues, gallstones, hepatitis, and stroke.

Dental exams can help spot warning signs of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and more.

Early Detection is Important

For most all of these conditions early detection provides the best chance of a good outcome. Having and using your dental and vision coverage regularly should be a part of everyone’s overall health management.


It may also surprise you to learn how inexpensive dental and vision coverage is. Typically the annual cost is only about 10% of the cost of health insurance for both individuals and families.

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