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Giving Meaning to Money

Brent Weiss shares that for thousands of years, society has placed a cultural significance on money. To the external world, money conveys status, fame, power, intelligence, success, and other things to people who have it.

If you aren’t careful, society and the external world around you will define the meaning that money has in your life. But here’s a little secret. There’s a second and less discussed meaning of money, which is very personal and entirely internal.

It’s part psychology (how you think and feel about it), part utility (how you use it), part subjectivity (personal choice) and, I would add, part spirituality (how the Bible instructs us to use it).

When money and how you use it is aligned with your values, the person you want to be, and the life you want to live, it gains more meaning in your life. When money is used God’s way, for God’s glory, and to advance His kingdom, it provides an eternal dividend that satisfies like no other use of it can.

Steve Crawley, PhD

Executive Director

Ministers Resource Services


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