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Always read the fine print...

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

We’ve all been told to read the fine print in any transaction to make sure we really understand things. This is certainly true in the world of insurance as well. Details are very important as things are not always as they appear.

For Example

Many products appear to be health insurance but in reality are not major medical coverage. Instead they have many more restrictions. Sometimes organizations do not offer all the details, which puts the burden back on the consumer. We often hear from individuals who thought they were buying something different than what they actually got, only to have to undo things and start over.

Confusing Language

Sales presentations sometimes can also be confusing. Key words such as “always” and “never” are generally red flags as there is no single approach or product solution that is always going to be the best solution for every situation.

Our Priority

MRS Insurance Services is your trusted partner that can help bring clarity and understanding to whatever your situation may be. As we have always said, our priority is education, not sales.

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