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Start the New Year Off Right

While many of us make plans for the New Year to focus on changes we want to make, scheduling routine health items for the year during January can help manage your insurance costs and your health. A few examples include:

  1. Dental Coverage – Schedule your twice a year cleanings and exams now to get the dates that work for you.

  2. Vision Coverage – Schedule your annual eye exam and get your prescription checked if you wear glasses or contacts.

  3. Preventive Services - Whether your health insurance is individual, group, or via Medicare, there are a number of preventive services, screenings, and examinations that are available at little or no cost. Examples: annual physical exams, mammograms, PSA tests, diabetes screenings, and many more.

Scheduling these items now means you’re not rushing to think about it later. Plus it helps ensure that if additional care and treatment is needed so that you can schedule it in the 2023 insurance calendar to best fit your budget and timing.

Mark Bradley

Director of Insurance Services

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