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Stay on the Roller Coaster

The first quarter of 2022 has been a wild ride. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed March 31, 2022 at 34,678 and is down 4.57% year-to-date. What to Expect When we invest God’s resources in the stock market, we should be mindful of what to expect. There will be seasons of negative performance based on varying factors. What Does History Teach Us? While there's no way to know for sure what the future holds, Adam Grossman asserts that we can use history as a guide.

  • Market corrections, defined as a market decline of more than 10% but less than 20%, have historically occurred about once every other year.

  • Bear markets, defined as market declines of 20% or more, have historically occurred about once every five years.

Reminding ourselves that the stock market ride is filled with uphill climbs, downhill sprints, and a few upside down twists should help us stay in the seat until the ride ends.


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