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A New Year ofImproved Stewardship

With 2023 already upon us, there are many New Year “resolutions” being pursued (and many with good reason). It goes without saying that many of these resolutions involve physical, spiritual, and/or emotional growth. Financial goal setting may not always get the attention it deserves within our community. As managers of the resources God has placed upon us, taking account of those resources is a huge step in the direction of true stewardship. For some people, simply taking the first step of surveying their financial situation may be the primary barrier to them being good stewards. The anxiety that comes from not really knowing where we stand financially can delay progress for far too long and rob us of peace and energy along the way. If this sounds familiar, I would highly encourage you make this a goal and take the short amount of time necessary to get a good account of your debts, savings, budget, etc. The peace from knowing where you truly stand will far outweigh the lingering anxiety you may carry from not knowing. Proverbs 13:12 NIV says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.”

Maybe you do know where you stand financially. We can still achieve growth in our stewarding abilities with new goal setting. Writing measurable goals for generosity can help us be more intentional with our tithes and other charitable giving. Deciding to dedicate specific times of prayer to address our finances and resources may give us wisdom to avoid a potential mistake and serve as a steady reminder of who truly owns our possessions.

As believers focused on sharing our faith, it’s easy to overlook all the references to financial management in God’s word. Spiritual and physical goals are definitely beneficial, but it’s important to not overlook our financial well-being as well.

Taylor Shouse MRS Staff Writer


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