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Are You an Economic Atheist?

The dictionary definition of atheist is “one who believes God does not exist.”

As Christ-followers, we are likely not tempted with such notions. We have placed our faith and trust in the redemptive work of Christ and have no problem trusting Him with our eternal well-being in the “there and then.”

Yet, when it comes to the “here and now,” it is easy for us to be tempted into thinking our financial security rest solely on us and our ability to provide. Many Christ-followers deal with financial insecurity in no small way. While we trust God for our eternal salvation, we sometimes don’t trust Him to meet our needs here on earth. Such thinking demonstrates symptoms of an “economic atheist,” acting as though God does not exist when it comes to meeting our daily needs.

As Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “Give us this day our daily bread,” may we ask the Provider to deliver the needed provisions and trust Him in both the “here and now” and the “there and then.”

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