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Is Retirement Biblical?

In a recent article, Rob West of Faith & Finance poses a most appropriate question—Is retirement biblical? Like many matters in the world of finance, the answer to this question is…it depends. It depends on how one defines retirement.

Paul writes in Ephesians 2:10 that Christ followers were created for “good works.” These good works stem from our time, talents, and treasure, all of which are entrusted to us for God’s glory. Good works are to continue throughout our lives, not just to the point that we begin our senior years. As West asserts, we continue to strive toward good works not because we must but because “we love and treasure God above everything else and it’s an honor and privilege to serve the King of kings!”

There could very well be a day when we are no longer able to work or desire to serve in a paid position. This possibility is why it is imperative that we save and prepare for that time our society refers to as “retirement,” but which we like to refer to as our future funded ministry. Although the paycheck may stop, we still have a purpose in God’s greater plan until He calls us home. Perhaps a more biblical approach to retirement is to retire to something, not from something.

Please let us know if we can help you with your future funded ministry!

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