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Are your finances built on a solid foundation?

It could be argued that there is more pulling for our attention in today’s culture than ever before. Not only in the world of consumerism and entertainment, but also in the financial investment space.

We are constantly offered opportunities to get involved in the current trends such as cryptocurrencies, infinite banking products, zero–down real estate, and investment subscriptions that all but promise to make us a fortune in short order.

Spend a few minutes on social media and you will see influencers and ad space pushing a sure and easy method to get rich quickly and with ease. While I am not here to dispute or put down any of the above-mentioned examples, I do think we should pause on occasion and evaluate what we’re doing with our investment approach, as well as why we are doing it.

In Matthew chapter seven, we’re reminded that a wise man builds his house on the rock, while a foolish one builds his house on the sand. When the floods occur and winds blow, the house built on the sand cannot withstand the ramifications experienced due to the lack of a foundation.

While this metaphor applies to us spiritually, I believe it can also provide wisdom in other facets of our lives. We can ask ourselves, “What can be considered “sand” and lead to our financial house collapsing?”

As in any other situation, prayer and Scripture study brings clarity and understanding. The “easy” or “quick wealth” methods are often disputed in Proverbs. Making a wise investment that turns into a high financial reward is not bad or sinful, but seek God’s word for guidance and remember to assess your motives (Prov. 28:20), invest only after you have your house and short-term needs in order (1 Tim. 5:8), and be mindful to diversify your assets (Eccl. 11:2).

In addition to the Word, seek wisdom within your close network of fellow believers where Scripture teaches safety is found. Further, don’t be afraid to ask a close friend, mentor, or like-minded advisor about their opinion and to share input from their past experiences.

Taylor Shouse

Staff Writer

Ministers Resource Services


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