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Begin with the End in Mind

“Begin with the end in mind.”

I’m not sure who originally coined this oft used phrase, but regardless, it holds much merit. As stewards of God’s assets, we realize that we own nothing. Yet, we have been charged with taking care of His assets in a responsible manner while we are here on earth. Further, we are charged with taking care of our families—any that does not is “worse than an unbeliever” (1 Timothy 5:8).

One of the greatest ways we can take care of our families is to ensure “our bags are packed and we are ready to go” should the Lord call us home. Of course, our main focus is to ensure our spiritual lives are in order. Beyond that obvious fact, perhaps the greatest parting gift we can offer our wives and children is to have our business affairs in order so that they are not left with the daunting task of trying to make sense of chaos in a time of loss and mourning.

If your house is not in order and you are looking for a resource to get started, please refer to the End of Life Planning Guide provided by my friend Loran Graham. It will guide you through an intentional process to help you “begin with the end in mind.”

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