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BMA Financial Serves the Church

Did you know that BMA Financial doesn’t just serve pastors? That’s right, we serve the entire church staff! Our Mission BMA Financial exists to serve churches and entities of the Baptist Missionary Association (BMA) of America. Our goal is to offer services that help members of BMA organizations manage God’s money, God’s way, for God’s glory. Part of helping churches “manage God’s money, God’s way, for God’s glory” is ensuring that all pastors and staff members are taken care financially, not just the lead pastor. However, If we can help take care of the entire staff’s financial planning needs then the chance of retaining them longer is much greater. The retention of quality staff members supports the lead pastor better and, in turn, the church body is cared for better. Let’s Talk If you want to help support your entire church staff, let’s talk. All you have to do is Schedule a Free Financial Assessment. This will help us determine the exact approach we should take in order to serve your staff. The Plan Here’s the plan to start supporting your church staff.

  1. Get a Plan of Action

  2. Enroll your staff & support your church for years to come!

Take this simple step to intentionally support the financial needs of your staff. Schedule your FREE Financial Assessment today! Have other Questions? Contact us with any questions you have.

Ryan Johnson BMA Financial Chief Development Officer “God’s money, God’s way, for God’s glory.”

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