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How Much is Enough?

How much money is enough? Our answer to this question reveals much about our heart condition and the source of our trust. Are we trusting the provisions or the Provider? We often think in terms of “How much should I give? Perhaps a better question for Christ followers is “How much should I keep?” The following was shared by Rob West, president of Kingdom Advisors. In a column at, Eric Most of the National Christian Foundation notes that “the typical American is one of the wealthiest individuals the world has ever seen, and yet, when we ask ourselves 'How much is enough?'" Our answer tends to be, “I don’t know, but it’s more than I have.” Most of us are quite wealthy compared to much of the world. We have a roof over our heads, food on our table, and a closet full of clothes. We have money in the bank, savings accounts, and retirement accounts. But where’s our “financial finish line”? Spend time reflecting on God’s ownership and our call to be humble stewards. You might just stop asking “How much should I give?” and start asking, “How much should I keep?” Have Questions? Contact us today for questions or to schedule your FREE financial assessment.

Steve Crawley, PhD Executive Director Ministers Resource Services


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