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The Pain of Discipline or Regret

The late American entrepreneur Jim Rohn states, “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

When it comes to investing for the future, it is not easy to be disciplined and keep investing, especially in a year like 2022. Yet, if we continue to trust in the Lord and put back little by little as instructed in Proverbs 13:11, over time, we will be glad we did.

Fast forward twenty years from now. As we look back, will our future self be glad we endured the discipline of continuing to invest month after month, or will our future self be filled with regret that we “threw in the towel?”

Someone once said, “Discipline weighs an ounce; regret weighs a ton!” Let’s continue to do what we know is wise and trust the Lord for the increase.

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