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5 Common Tricks of Cyber Scammers

As we prepare for a busy season of ministry, we encourage you to read a resource that could help improve our ability to recognize threats to church data and bank accounts, and the personal private information of our congregants, volunteers, and employees. “Trust but Verify” is a free article that comes from Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company, our preferred property and liability insurance provider. It details five common tricks criminals try to use to steal information including phishing, spearphishing, spoofing, vishing, and pretexting. And it has tips to outsmart the hackers as well as how to make sure you’re protected from this risk. Protect Your Info > Brotherhood Mutual Ministry Partner Program As a member of the Brotherhood Mutual® Ministry Partner Program, we benefit from their desire to keep churches open and safe for worship and to help effectively manage risk. Brotherhood Mutual resources and services are for all our members, regardless of who currently insures your ministry. Bookmark our Ministry Partner Page Have other Questions? We are ready to serve you and your church so Contact us with your questions.

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