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Raise awareness about preventable injuries in the ministry workplace

One of the reasons Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company is our preferred provider has to do with all the risk management resources they have available to help ministries minimize loss and prevent things like workplace injuries. It doesn’t seem like too many injuries could happen, especially in a small church with just a few employees, but they do. This article from their online Safety Library about Workplace Injury Prevention talks about the most common way a ministry employee may be injured: slips, trips, and falls. Sometimes a fall can happen from improper use of equipment – like using a desk chair as a makeshift step stool to change a light bulb or get to something on a high shelf, which is not recommended. Even with education and good safety measures in place, you can’t prevent everything. The article also explains how workers’ compensation coverage can provide for employees and protect ministries in the event of an injury at work. Having workers’ compensation coverage for employees is an important way to show care for those who may get injured on the job. Workers’ comp can also help reduce the risk of a negligence lawsuit and can protect both the ministry and employees from sudden unexpected expenses. Brotherhood Mutual Ministry Partner Program As a member of the Brotherhood Mutual® Ministry Partner Program, we benefit from their desire to keep churches open and safe for worship and to help effectively manage risk. Brotherhood Mutual resources and services are for all our members, regardless of who currently insures your ministry. Bookmark our Ministry Partner page Have other Questions? We are ready to serve you and your church so Contact us with your questions.

BMA Financial Team Brotherhood Mutual Workers’ Compensation insurance is not available in North Dakota, Ohio, Washington, and Wyoming. These states require employers to buy workers’ compensation insurance through a monopolistic state fund.


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