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Payroll Problems Churches Can Avoid

Payroll requirements and tax regulations seem to get more complex each year. And as a ministry leader, avoiding unnecessary complications is just one of the ways you provide financial stewardship to your church.

That’s why we wanted to share a free online resource with you from our Ministry Partner, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance Company. Their heart for ministry and mission to serve the Church led them to create MinistryWorks® by Brotherhood Mutual, a ministry-focused payroll and payroll tax service.

In this resource, Three Payroll Problems to Avoid, MinistryWorks identifies common problems they often find regarding churches and payroll. This article gives you tips on how to avoid them and a free Payroll Tax Checklist for your church to work through.

Free resources like this one are among the benefits BMAA churches receive by being part of Brotherhood Mutual’s Ministry Partner program. For more details on how MinistryWorks can save your church time and money, visit the Ministry Partner page created just for our members.

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